Our award-winning program includes:

◦ 5 to 7 original playthings per kit ◦

◦ Parenting tips and playtime ideas ◦

◦ No screens or electronics ◦

◦ Certified baby-safe designs ◦

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Which kit should i start at?

If your child is between ages or has a different developmental timeline, you can look at the learning objectives of each kit and see which ones your child is currently working towards. If you're still unsure, you can contact us and we'd be happy to help!

Can I buy individual items instead of buying an entire kit?

We currently only sell full kits on our website. However, we have partnered with select stockists who offer individual items for sale.  If you're looking for a particular item, we recommend checking our stockist list at (https://www.learningtime.com.hk/pages/stockists) to find a shop near you.

Please note that availability may vary, so we suggest contacting the stockist directly for more information.

What if I already have similar toys?

We design all the learning toys in our kits with in-house experts and designers, which means you will not find them anywhere else. Each toy also has multiple open-ended ways to play, which can complement your existing toys.

One way to combine our learning toys with your baby's toys is by doing a 'toy rotation'. Choose 8 to 10 toys and keep them on your child's play shelf or in their toy basket. After two weeks, switch to another set of toys. This way, you can introduce novelty and variety into your baby's play experience, fostering cognitive growth and creativity.

Can my baby continue using your toys after the stated age for each kit?

Unlike traditional toys with strict age limitations, our open-ended play kits are designed to grow with your child. While we provide a suggested age range as a general guideline to help you get started, the play possibilities extend far beyond that timeframe. Many of our customers have mentioned that they continue to use the kits months after the stated age range!

How do you ensure the toys are safe?

Our toys are tested by qualified labs and pass or exceed strict international toy safety standards (ISO8124 Safety of Toys 1-3). To learn more about the safety standards, click here.

Do such young babies really need learning toys?

Babies are learning the moment they are born, especially through their caregivers and their environment. Providing age-appropriate toys not only helps them learn, it also helps you bond with them in playful ways.