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Early learning essentials
for the modern home

Explore kits for 0-8 years old

Explore our kits

Toys & Games Crafted for Learning Through Play

  • Age-appropriate and educational toys

    Take the guesswork out of choosing toys for your child

  • Innovative Designs

    Each toy and book is designed from scratch by our team of experts

  • Baby-Safe

    Tested against international toy safety standards

  • Play Guides

    Packed with activities and the latest research in child development

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  • 0 - 2 years

    Early Learning Kits

    Learn through play at each stage of development.

    Our Early Learning Kits help your 0 to 2 year old reach key developmental milestones through play. Delivered every 2 months, each kit is filled with innovative educational toys and storybooks for kids that are designed and crafted by our experts.


    About This Kit
  • For ages 2+

    The Emomo Kit

    A play-based toolkit for emotional education at home, starting as early as 2 years old. Available in English & Chinese versions.

    Filled with unique learning materials to help reduce conflicts and meltdowns, improve communication, and ultimately, connect with your child. Making social and emotional learning and positive parenting fun for beginners and experts alike. Suitable for children ages 2 and up. For all levels and abilities of learners.

      - Reversible Emomo Plush
      - Feelings Board
      - Feelings Poster
      - 3 Emomo Storybooks
      - Calming Blocks
      - Thinking Journal
      - Parent's Guidebook and Videos

    About This Kit
  • 2 to 4 years

    The Smart Kit

    A bilingual English and Mandarin toolkit to boost pre-literacy and pre-numeracy through play.

    Our Smart Kit prepares your toddler for their bilingual learning journey. Nail down the fundamentals, from pre-literacy to pre-math skills, and ensure that your child is ready for preschool and beyond. 

    About This Kit

How It Works

  • Select a kit according to
    your child’s age

  • Receive your kit within
    7 working days

  • Learn and play in the comfort of your own home

The first 1000 days

Often called the “golden period” of brain development, the first 1000 days are a crucial stage of brain development.

Our LT Family

    Lincoln is so excited to unbox every month's LT box! . We learn Alphabets and counting through the box, Alphabet Puzzle and Storybooks, We enjoy so much the bonding time together!
    Emily Ho @emilyhky

    "I love how the activities all encourage interaction between the baby and the teacher; whether it be the parent, guardian or even sibling."
    Bellinda M.

    成日諗有啲咩好玩而有教育意義嘅野呢?小朋友最近收到 #learingtime 教材好興奮! 例如呢set係以森林為主題,入面有好多好多不同嘅動物,可以做成不同嘅故事遊戲!2個小朋友又可以玩角色扮演喇!
    Louise Wong

    除左教材一向好高質之外,仲按小朋友年齡去設計合適既教材💕☺️有晒指示教導家長點玩,唔洗擔心唔識用👍🏻 我會一邊抱住Jasmine 一齊閲讀,想俾小朋友感受家庭溫暖既家長唔好錯過啦🥰
    Little Jasmine Mami