The perfect baby shower & birthday gift for boys and girls

Elevate playtime with our award-winning play kits, filled with gender-neutral toys, designed and crafted by our team in Hong Kong. 

Special gift-ready packaging and personalized card

No additional wrapping paper or plastic needed. Our reusable packaging closes with a magnetic clasp, and flat packs when you don’t need it. Add a personalized message to complete your gift. 


Which kit should i start at?

If your child is between ages or has a different developmental timeline, you can look at the learning objectives of each kit and see which ones your child is currently working towards. If you're still unsure, you can contact us and we'd be happy to help!

How do you ensure the toys are safe?

Our toys are tested by qualified labs and pass or exceed strict international toy safety standards (ISO8124 Safety of Toys 1-3). To learn more about the safety standards, click here.

Do such young babies really need learning toys?

Babies are learning the moment they are born, especially through their caregivers and their environment. Providing age-appropriate toys not only helps them learn, it also helps you bond with them in playful ways.