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The Emomo Kit

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Raising emotionally intelligent children

The Emomo Kit

Social and emotional learning (SEL) and positive parenting, made fun for the family
(for ages 2+)

A complete toolkit for SEL at home

  • Pilot tested with over 30 families with exceptional results

  • Improved behavioral outcomes and communication skills

  • Created with therapists, counselors, and educators

  • Suitable for all levels and abilities of learners

Create your own calming corner

What's in your kit?

Scroll to see each item in your kit!

  • Reversible Emomo Plush

    Emomo changes from happy to sad allowing for your child to easily express their feelings. Doubles as a comforting tool!

  • Feelings Board

    A step-by-step process for expressing and coping with big feelings. Already feeling good? Try an activity instead!

  • Calming Blocks

    The perfect tool for distracting an agitated child (or adult). Stack them high or follow the challenge cards.

  • Feelings Poster

    An A2 size poster of all the feelings that your child will learn about in this kit. Great for hanging in the living room!

  • Discovering Emomo Storybook

    Duo Duo is born with so many feelings, but they can get confusing and scary. Emomo is here to help!

  • My Book of Feelings Storybook

    A playful glossary of the 14 feelings that your child will be introduced to in this kit.

  • When Duo Duo Gets Angry Storybook

    What does Duo Duo do when his anger grows and grows? How can he calm down?

  • Thinking Journal

    A journal optimised for children to practice mindfulness, gratitude, and self-reflection.

  • Parent's Guide

    A complete guidebook for beginners and experts alike. Learn all about our approach and how to get started using SEL at home.

Meet Emomo, our feelings creature

Imagine how much easier it would be to communicate your feelings if you could see them. Kids can use Emomo to recognize and express emotions, and even as a comforting tool.

Communication, empathy & self-regulation

Use the materials in our kit to connect and communicate with your child about their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Prevent meltdowns before they happen

Help your child learn to express themselves and cope with big feelings to reduce frustration. Learn to identify cues when your child is agitated to prevent full-blown meltdowns.

More than playthings

This kit is for caregivers too. It contains a gold mine of knowledge, research, and professional advice, condensed into our Parent’s Guide and video series.


Customer Reviews

Based on 132 reviews
Vivian W.

The quality is beyond my expectations!

Travis C.

Early Learning Kits (6 - 8 months) - Prepaid (Whole Plan)

Apple N.


Asher W.
Best Services

With a nice servicing experience with the CS Pitt, detail explanation on the products. Good quality n safe learning materials which let me as a parents feeling relieved for my son to use. Last but not least, efficient logistics experience.

Rain K.
My baby loves the learning kit!

The kit quality is very nice and fit my baby’s needs, highly recommended !

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The Emomo Kit


Filled with unique learning materials to help reduce conflicts and meltdowns, improve communication, and ultimately, connect with your child. Making social and emotional learning and positive parenting fun for beginners and experts alike. Suitable for children ages 2 and up. For all levels and abilities of learners.



Is the 2 to 6 age range a strict limit?

We recommend 2 years old as the lower limit because this is generally when children become more verbally expressive, and 6 years old as the upper limit because children tend to develop strong preferences for things they ‘like and dislike’ after that. However, if your 7, 8, 9 or even 18 year old wants to use the kit, there’s absolutely nothing stopping them!

I’m completely new to SEL. What support do I get if I purchase this kit?

First, we have prepared a video series with our experts to give you a broad overview of SEL and this kit. Then, you can learn more in our Parent’s Guidebook about how to begin teaching SEL at home. At any given point, if you still have questions, you can easily send us an email or message and one of our experts will be happy to help!

My child is neurodiverse / has special educational needs. Will this kit help?

In short, we think so but we cannot guarantee it. We have not done any clinical trials using this kit, but we have pilot tested it with over 30 families (including families with neurodiverse children). Each family faced unique struggles with their children’s behavior and 29 out of 30 reported improved outcomes in communication, behavior, and relationships. Feel free to contact us with more details and we can recommend the best solution for your child.

How long before I see results?

In our pilot studies, parents used the kit for a total of 4 weeks. We checked in with them on week 2 and week 4 for updates. 70% of parents reported positive results by week 2, and over 95% reported positive results by week 4. The children quickly became familiar with the Feelings Board and used it to communicate both pleasant and unpleasant feelings. However, every child will have their own preferences and adopt this kit at their own pace.

My child is already great at self-regulating and expressing themselves. Do I still need this kit?

While self-regulation is one of the main goals of SEL, this kit is still useful for creating channels of communication, practicing mindfulness and gratitude, and ultimately, connecting with your child. And in our opinion, there can never be too much of these things!

How does your Together Time Project work?

Together Time addresses the social and emotional issues experienced by low-income families. According to the FHS, low-income families experience greater behavioral and emotional problems in their children. We are working with the Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong on a donation scheme to improve access to SEL resources. Learn more here.

Can I buy just some of the items from the kit?

We currently do not sell items individually. We designed the kit as a whole system instead of individual parts, and we believe the efficacy of the kit would decrease if we were to break it up. However, people who already own a kit can purchase select items separately.

Can I order this kit for school use?

Absolutely. This is a great resource to use inside classrooms, or even for students to take home and use. Currently, Tutor Time Hong Kong’s Kindergarten program uses the Emomo Kit as a part of their curriculum.

Can I use this kit for therapy?

We designed this kit with the advice of therapists and school counselors, and you are welcome to use it in your therapy sessions as you see fit.