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The Emomo Kit (For ages 2+)

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For ages 2+

Raising emotionally intelligent children

The Emomo Kit

A play-based toolkit for emotional education at home, starting as early as 2 years old. Available in English & Chinese versions.

  • The Emomo Kit
  • The Emomo Kit
  • The Emomo Kit
  • The Emomo Kit
  • The Emomo Kit
  • The Emomo Kit
  • The Emomo Kit
  • The Emomo Kit
  • The Emomo Kit
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  • The Emomo Kit
  • The Emomo Kit
  • The Emomo Kit
  • The Emomo Kit
  • The Emomo Kit
  • The Emomo Kit
  • The Emomo Kit

The Emomo Kit


Filled with unique learning materials to help reduce conflicts and meltdowns, improve communication, and ultimately, connect with your child. Making social and emotional learning and positive parenting fun for beginners and experts alike. Suitable for children ages 2 and up. For all levels and abilities of learners.

  - Reversible Emomo Plush
  - Feelings Board
  - Feelings Poster
  - 3 Emomo Storybooks
  - Calming Blocks
  - Thinking Journal
  - Parent's Guidebook and Videos


Meet Emomo - Our feelings friend

We created Emomo to help children easily visualize the different emotions. Emomo changes color and expression whenever it feels something different.

Try 'co-regulation' with the Feelings Board

Co-regulation is the process of guiding your children through regulating big feelings. Follow the steps on the board to make co-regulation easy.

Use our kit in 4 steps

  • 1. Learn the names of the feelings
    Just like learning the alphabet before learning to read, your child will start with learning the names of 14 common feelings.
  • 2. Make communication a habit
    Your child will be able to use the tools in the kit to find new ways to communicate how they feel with you.
  • 3. Learn healthy ways to cope with big feelings
    Your child will learn new coping methods to regulate big and scary feelings before they become big and scary behaviors.
  • 4. Parents - you’ll get all the guidance you need
    Implementing new methods can be challenging. With our Parent's Guide and onboarding videos, we'll be there for you the whole way.

What our users told us

  • Over 95% reported improvements in identifying and expressing feelings

  • Over 65% reported improvements in emotional regulation skills

  • Over 69% reported decreases in tantrums and meltdowns

  • Over 91% reported improvements in their relationship with their children


Customer Reviews

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Perfect material for social emotional learning

The Emomo kit is my perfect partner to teach my kids about emotion. They can learn how to describe different emotion and at the same time learning how to cope with those emotion which make them feel uncomfortable.

Self awareness and self regulation are very important before the kids are going to connect with others, the kit is a very useful material for me to introduce these concept to them.

Man C.


ellen y.

小朋友經常有情緒,往往不懂得解決嚎哭。透過簡易明白及小遊戲令他重新認識不同情緒,包容不同情緒及尋求解決方法。Emomo成為他的傾訴朋友 🫶🏻

We believe in emotional education for all

Our Together Time Project aims to make emotional education more accessible to low-income families. For every 3 Emomo Kits sold, we donate 1 full kit to a low-income family through the Boys' and Girls' Clubs Association. To date, we have donated over 250 kits. Learn more about this project.


What is the age limit for this kit?

We recommend 2 years old as the lower limit because this is generally when children become more verbally expressive but feel free to start earlier if you’re ready! We don’t put an upper age limit because every child’s social and emotional skills are unique. In our testing, children up to 9 years old have found success using this kit, so if your 10, 11, or even 18 year old wants to use it, go for it!

What languages is this kit available in?

Currently, the kit is available in English and Traditional Chinese. Please choose your language preference when adding this kit to your cart. All the materials (including the storybooks and guides) are in the language that you choose.

I’m completely new to SEL. What support do I get if I purchase this kit?

First, we have prepared a video series with our experts to give you a broad overview of SEL and this kit. Then, you can learn more in our Parent’s Guidebook about how to begin teaching SEL at home. At any given point, if you still have questions, you can easily send us an email or message and one of our experts will be happy to help!

My child is neurodiverse / has special educational needs. Will this kit help?

We have not done any clinical trials using this kit, but we have pilot tested it with over 30 families (including families with neurodiverse children / children with SEN). Each family faced unique struggles with their children’s behavior and 29 out of 30 reported improved outcomes in communication, behavior, and relationships. Feel free to contact us with more details about your specific situation and we can see if our kit can help.

How long before I see results?

In our pilot studies, parents used the kit for a total of 4 weeks. We checked in with them on week 2 and week 4 for updates. 70% of parents reported positive results by week 2, and over 95% reported positive results by week 4. The children quickly became familiar with the kit and used it to communicate both pleasant and unpleasant feelings. However, every child will have their own preferences and adopt this kit at their own pace.

My child is already great at self-regulating and expressing themselves. Do I still need this kit?

While self-regulation is one of the main goals of SEL, this kit is still useful for creating channels of communication, practicing mindfulness and gratitude, and ultimately, connecting with your child. And in our opinion, there can never be too much of these things!

How does your Together Time Project work?

Together Time addresses the social and emotional issues experienced by low-income families. According to the FHS, low-income families experience greater behavioral and emotional problems in their children. We are working with the Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong on a donation scheme to improve access to SEL resources.

Can I buy just some of the items from the kit?

We currently do not sell items individually. We designed the kit as a whole system instead of individual parts, and we believe the efficacy of the kit would decrease if we were to break it up.

Can I order this kit for school use?

Absolutely. This is a great resource to use inside classrooms, or even for students to take home and use. Currently, Tutor Time Hong Kong’s Kindergarten program uses the Emomo Kit as a part of their Kindergarten program.

Can I use this kit for therapy?

We designed this kit with the advice of therapists and school counselors, and you are welcome to use it in your therapy sessions as you see fit.