Here’s what we test for using the ISO8124 Part 1 to 3 Safety of Toys standards

  • Choking hazards

    We adhere to strict size and shape requirements to ensure our toys don’t contain small parts that your child might choke on.

  • Chemicals and heavy metals

    We test our products for chemicals and metals that may be toxic or hazardous to children. They are so safe that your child can mouth them.

  • Abuse test

    Children are not exactly gentle with toys, so we replicate this treatment in a lab to see if our products can withstand repeated use.

  • Sharp points test

    Our products are tested for sharp corners or points that may injure your child during play.

  • Drop tests

    Our products are literally dropped several times onto a hard surface to ensure that they do not break and create small parts.

  • Pull tests

    We pull the most vulnerable parts of our products with great force to ensure that they do not break or come apart.

  • Compression tests

    We push and compress our products to see if they break under the pressure. Hint: they don’t.

  • Flammability tests

    We literally burn our products to ensure that they are not highly combustible or fire hazards in your home.

  • Length of cords and elastics

    Long cords present strangulation and choking hazards, which is why we ensure that our toys do not have any that will pose a risk to your child.

All or Nothing

If a toy fails a single test in this list, it fails the entire safety test. And if that toy fails, the entire kit fails. Rest assured, we don’t cut any corners when it comes to toy safety because we want you to feel confident handing them to your little ones.

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