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Refer your loved ones to earn rewards

How It Works

  • Create a free account to begin

  • Click this icon on the bottom right of your screen to share your referral link

  • Your friend gets 10% off and you get LT coins to use in-store

  • If your friend spends over HKD2500, you get a custom framed poster!

Earn a special gift for your child

If you refer a friend and they spend HKD2500 or more, we’ll send you a custom, framed ABC poster with your child’s name and portrait.

Each poster is one-of-a-kind

Send us your child’s name and a picture. We’ll replace the letter with their name and draw them into the poster, just like Duo Duo!

Other ways to earn LT coins

  • Make a purchase

    $1 = 1 LT coin

  • Refer a friend

    5000 LT coins

  • Follow us on IG and like our FB

    200 LT coins

  • Leave a review

    200 LT coins

  • Share on Facebook

    400 LT coins

  • Celebrate your child’s birthday!

    1000 LT coins


  • 50 LT coins = $1 credit

    Use your coins for anything in our shop!

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Common questions

I was gifted a kit. When will my next box ship?

It depends which kit you were gifted and how long the gifted subscription plan is. Our Early Learning Kits ship every 2 months, our School Essentials Kit is a one-off purchase, and our Storytelling Kits ship every month.

How does the referral program work?

Sign in or create an account with us and earn LT coins in different ways. Every 50 LT coins is worth $1 store credit, which you can use for anything in our shop! Learn more on (referral page link)

How many friends can I refer?

As many as you want! As long as your friends use your link to purchase a kit from our site, you will earn 5000 LT coins for each friend you refer.

Can I use my LT coins on my next auto-renewal?

Yes you can! Once you have earned enough coins to redeem a reward, simply click the button 'Apply Discount Code' in your account settings to apply the reward to your next auto-renewal order.

How can I earn LT coins for my past purchases?

If you previously made a purchase before creating an account, simply contact us at or Whatsapp 852-53119989. with your order number and we can help to manually adjust your LT coins balance.