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The Tummy Time Kit

1-6 months

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Starting tummy time is an exciting milestone, but it can also be very fussy. Our Tummy Time Kit includes key toys, tips, and activities to help make tummy time interesting for your baby. With practice, your baby will transition from tummy time to rolling, sitting, and crawling in no time. Suitable for 1 to 6 months. 

✅ Longer and higher quality sessions of tummy time

✅ Strengthen arms, neck, and core muscles 

✅ Sensory play with a variety of materials

✅ Prevent stiff neck syndrome (Torticollis)

    The Tummy Time Kit
    The Tummy Time Kit
    The Tummy Time Kit
    The Tummy Time Kit

    What's inside this kit?

    • The Tummy Time Kit - Tummy Time Stand

      Tummy Time Stand

      Stimulate visual development during tummy time with interesting high-contrast patterns and a baby-safe mirror. (Stand: 17.8x2.6x19.5cm)

    • Dual Tummy Time Pillow

      An ergonomic pillow that accommodates all the stages of tummy time. Made with memory foam and baby-safe fabrics. (36.5x10x17cm)

    • The Tummy Time Kit - Wobble Wobble

      Wobble Wobble

      Push it to see it wobble and hear a gentle rattling sound. It never tips over no matter how you push it. (8x8x8.8cm)

    • The Tummy Time Kit - Sensory Pads

      Sensory Pads

      4 multi-sensory activity pads to stimulate your baby's senses, including baby-safe fabrics, mirror, rattles, and more. Perfect for taking on the go too. (~13x2x22cm)

    • The Tummy Time Kit - Rolling Rattle

      Rolling Rattle

      Encourage reaching and moving during tummy time with our Rolling Rattle. Watch it roll left and right while it makes a gentle rattling sound. (11.7x11.3x11.6cm)

    • The Tummy Time Kit - Play Journal

      Play Journal

      Find key tips for starting tummy time, ways to play, and milestones at different stages. Troubleshoot common issues like fussiness and crying with expert advice.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 53 reviews
    WANG, C.F.

    我其實是買玩具給我動過腦部手術的媽媽,他因為腫瘤壓迫的關係導致手部活動能力喪失,非常需要一款專業設計的玩具幫助他復健。很開心遇見了 Learning time 玩具系列,我媽媽也很喜歡這些漂亮、安全、好玩又沒有怪味的玩具,療癒了肢體也療癒了心靈,希望未來也可以設計更多給需要復健的患者的玩具。

    R W.

    The Tummy Time Kit

    Yanki Y.
    The Newborn Kit


    1歲進階認知發展套裝and 精細動作技能發展套裝


    Tony C.
    Outstanding set

    My 15 month old is enjoying the Fine motor kit and so are we. We can tell that a lot of thought was put into the designs and play journal guidebook. Will be coming back for more kits soon !