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The Fine Motor Kit

13-20 months

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Building fine-motor skills is a lot like picking up a new sport- it requires specific kinds of training and practice. Your child will need to learn to coordinate their eyes, hands, wrists and fingers, which will eventually let them do things like writing, typing, buttoning their clothes, tying their shoes and so on. The Fine Motor Kit has exactly what your child needs at this age to practice those skills. Suitable for 13 to 20 months.

✅ Train hand-eye coordination and dexterity

✅ Improve finger strength 

✅ Engage in problem-solving activities 

✅ Practice posting skills 


    The Fine Motor Kit
    The Fine Motor Kit
    The Fine Motor Kit
    The Fine Motor Kit

    What's inside this kit?

    • Hedgehog Tumble Train

      Practice fine-motor and problem-solving skills by putting the coins into the compartments and finding ways to retrieve them.

    • In-Box

      Two interchangeable silicone lids slide onto this Montessori-inspired box for your child to practice posting skills while learning about containment.

    • Mama Goose Set

      Mama Goose holds many surprises for your child to find, while promoting fine-motor development and pretend play.

    • Busier Book (L)

      A bigger version of our popular busy book with the signature silicone covers and new activities to discover inside.

    • Paint Palette Puzzle

      A 100% food-grade silicone puzzle that trains fine-motor skills, cognitive skills, and color-matching. Use the stamps for more sensory play.

    • Play Journal

      Find key tips and activities to practice fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and manual dexterity. Use it to record the precious memories from this stage.

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    Customer Reviews

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    WANG, C.F.

    我其實是買玩具給我動過腦部手術的媽媽,他因為腫瘤壓迫的關係導致手部活動能力喪失,非常需要一款專業設計的玩具幫助他復健。很開心遇見了 Learning time 玩具系列,我媽媽也很喜歡這些漂亮、安全、好玩又沒有怪味的玩具,療癒了肢體也療癒了心靈,希望未來也可以設計更多給需要復健的患者的玩具。

    R W.

    The Tummy Time Kit

    Yanki Y.
    The Newborn Kit


    1歲進階認知發展套裝and 精細動作技能發展套裝


    Tony C.
    Outstanding set

    My 15 month old is enjoying the Fine motor kit and so are we. We can tell that a lot of thought was put into the designs and play journal guidebook. Will be coming back for more kits soon !