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LT Family

Based on 123 reviews
Worth purchasing

The quality is good and the guide cards make the kits more educable

Theme are nice, and suit the age

We have tried the Peacock and Travel theme so far.
I love the Peacock one, as it shows the difference of emotions and how to interact to others. Very useful for kids at year of 3.5.
For Travel theme, we all hunger to travel now, though don't have real chance to fly out yet, but it is nice to know different animals are located at different areas of the World.




Learning time’s toys are good quality and funny, My girl like to play.

Great kit

Asher loves the storytelling kit. He does role playing with his sister everyday. He also enjoys our daily story time.

Early Learning Kits (8 - 10 months) - Prepaid (Whole Plan)

Nice package and learning materials

The quality of the learning kit is quite nice and the instruction is easy to follow.
My baby loves it a lot.

Early learning kit值得買

訂咗呢個program同小朋友玩,我覺得好值得買, 玩具做工好細緻,唔怕整親小朋友, 一整套設計都係跟成長發展指標去做,玩具與玩具之間有連結,可以一個玩或者成套玩都得,最緊要係有教學指南去教新手父母去點同小朋友玩,從中學習。所以我覺得家長可以考慮買,因為我真係覺得值得

Good experience on early learning kits

Good design for baby to start learning different skills. I treasure the time to play with my baby using this learning kit

8-10 mth kit

The quality of the toys are great and my baby loves playing with the bee launcher.



My son loves it!

My son loves the School Essentials Kit so much and plays it everyday!

Great choice!

The materials are in good quality. My kids love to play with it so much. It also help me save some time to plan and prepare for their learning time materials in each stages, which it very helpful. Thanks!

Well designed learning kit

Everything’s been great and helpful for letting my baby to learn the skills in this early stage! I love all pieces from LT and the designs are so lovely!

Great gift for my baby

My baby loves this kit, especially the book which is well designed and my baby really loves to flip the page.


原來有咁多件玩具,收到時媽媽都覺得手偶好可愛,增加左媽媽想同BB 玩既興趣! 不同功能性既玩具無咁易悶,顏色又靚,雖然BB 未識玩哂咁多樣玩,但都好期待😃

safe and inspiring toys are best for baby

my baby loves the wooden robot and it could keep him busy for around 15 mins each time

My son just loves it!

My son loves the whole learning set so much especially the mechanical board that he can mirror himself, help the astronauts going back to the space and the story book as well. He just loves it so much and plays it everyday!

Great experiences

My daughter like the essential kit very much. Inside the kit provide everything ready to learn for preschool. Thank you so much.



今次呢盒係12-14months bb玩,非常滿足,可以訓練多種能力。



媽媽最欣賞就係個包裝盒及木制玩具,質感非常好😍就算BB仍然會放入口都唔太擔心。 包裝盒同BB一齊拆大家都好開心興奮愛不釋手😆

Great fun and nice learning materials

I'm amazed when the learning kits arrived, the learning materials are finely made and there is a guide book for us as parents guiding our kid to learn through playing activities. Thanks to LT team.

Good quality toys for baby

The quality of the toys were better than expected, both in terms of materials and design. My child interacts very well with the toys and the toys are much better than I thought!