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LT Family

Based on 143 reviews

The quality is beyond my expectations!

Early Learning Kits (6 - 8 months) - Prepaid (Whole Plan)



Best Services

With a nice servicing experience with the CS Pitt, detail explanation on the products. Good quality n safe learning materials which let me as a parents feeling relieved for my son to use. Last but not least, efficient logistics experience.

My baby loves the learning kit!

The kit quality is very nice and fit my baby’s needs, highly recommended !

Early Learning Kits (16 - 18 months) - Whole Plan

Best choice for toddler

Very good experience for toddler learning knowledge including Chinese, Math and English.

Tummy time mat

The tummy time mat is superb! My son is loving it and a few other friends have subscribed the set after seeing how my son plays on it!


The body parts story is cute and imaginative, my daughter loved it. However there was a card that was printed upside down. Minor problem.

Nice learning kit

My son loves it. He likes the story and playing the fruit coins

Excellent Toys

The toy kits are full of interesting toys for baby and the whole family looks forward to receiving the kits and exploring the toys together.

Lovely kids set

It have difference toys in a set to enhance difference ability for the kid

Useful and entertaining

My baby loves the early learning kits and enjoys playing on the pillow for tummy time. She is also fascinated to look at the mirror and will talk to herself. Can’t wait to try on other toys from the kit!

Interesting educational toys with high quality

We love the toys as they are made of high quality materials and can help babies practice key skills through playing. It would be even better if the materials of the toys could be stated as well.


教材既質量很好 亦吸引到唔同年齡既小朋友玩 4歲既二女同2歲既細女都好enjoy
包括既圖書簡易明白 變成佢地bedtime story 既其中一個選擇 唯一可能紙箱用更厚實既材質製作 會比較無咁容易損壞

The fishing game is such fun!

My baby enjoys the fishing game so much! Whilst she plays, she learned the names of the ocean living things. I must say that the products of Learning Time is of the premium grade, the texture of the wooden toys is fine and all toys are designed with great details. I am very satisfied and really look forward to receiving the new sets every 2 months!

Worth purchasing

The quality is good and the guide cards make the kits more educable

Theme are nice, and suit the age

We have tried the Peacock and Travel theme so far.
I love the Peacock one, as it shows the difference of emotions and how to interact to others. Very useful for kids at year of 3.5.
For Travel theme, we all hunger to travel now, though don't have real chance to fly out yet, but it is nice to know different animals are located at different areas of the World.




Learning time’s toys are good quality and funny, My girl like to play.

Great kit

Asher loves the storytelling kit. He does role playing with his sister everyday. He also enjoys our daily story time.

Early Learning Kits (8 - 10 months) - Prepaid (Whole Plan)

Nice package and learning materials

The quality of the learning kit is quite nice and the instruction is easy to follow.
My baby loves it a lot.