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Emomo Full Kit

2+ years

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Our award-winning Emomo Kit contains all the essentials you’ll need to get started on your child’s emotional learning journey, from learning the names of emotions and regulating unpleasant feelings to setting up your own calming corner at home. Designed in collaboration with experts, children (and parents) who have no social & emotional learning (SEL) experience can easily get started by getting to know Emomo and following our step-by-step learning method. 

"The Phonics of social and emotional learning" - Annie C., Emomo Kit Customer

    Emomo Full Kit
    Emomo Feelings Board Magnets

    Get to know Emomo™ in 30 seconds

    The benefits of early emotional education

    We’ve collected data from over 500 families who have used our Emomo Kit and this is what they said.

    • Emotional identification

    • Emotional regulation

    • Tantrums and meltdowns

    • Parent-child relationships

    Over 95% reported improvements in identifying and expressing feelings. That means children were able to point to their feelings on the Feelings Poster or use the Feelings Board to express themselves

    Over 65% reported improvements in emotional self-regulation skills. That means when they were feeling negative emotions, they were able to use healthy regulation methods instead of resorting to undesirable behaviors.

    Over 69% reported improvements or decreases in tantrums and meltdowns. And that's even when they weren't using the Emomo Kit, which shows the lasting effect that learning social-emotional skills has on daily life.

    Over 91% reported improvements in their relationships with their children. This means less conflicts and arguments, and more communication and support.

    What's inside this kit?

    • Feelings Board

      Co-regulation in four simple steps. Practice identifying, expressing and regulating emotions with our magnetic Feelings Board. Hang it somewhere your child can easily access to make this a habit.

    • Emomo Book Series

      Introduce Emomo to your child through our picture books to get them ready for their own emotional learning journey.

    • Reversible Emomo

      Part comfort toy, part communication tool. Our Emomo plush changes from happy to sad in just a simple flip. Particularly helpful for younger children who are just starting to use words to communicate.

    • Feelings Poster

      Put this poster up next to the Feelings Board for easy access. Your child can easily identify and point out how they feel, when they feel it.

    • Calming Blocks

      Use the Calming Blocks as a regulation tool, open-ended play, or with our Challenge Cards. Great for putting in a calming corner too.

    • Thinking Journal

      Our Thinking Journal is particularly useful for older children to get them reflecting on their thoughts and feelings, and practicing simple mindfulness and gratitude exercises.

    • Parent Guidance

      Our guidebook and video guides are filled with expert advice and practical tips for navigating the early stages of emotional education. It’s completely up to you how much you want to read/watch.

    Simplifying the science

    We built the Emomo Kit on evidence-based methods of social and emotional learning. One of the pillars is called co-regulation - the practice of regulating big feelings together. While the concept is simple, putting it into practice can be tricky. That’s where our kit comes in.

    Emotional education for all

    We believe emotional education unlocks a child’s potential in the world. That’s why we want to make it more accessible for low-income families. For every 2 kits purchased, we donate 1 full kit through The Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong (BGCA).

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 135 reviews
    Ginny K.


    情緒學習遊戲版, 十分實用,一步一步帶領,分享內心世界

    Learning emotions with Emomo

    My 2 year old now points to the poster and uses the feelings board when he wants to tell us how he feels, which opens up a whole conversation of why he feels that way (like what happened at school, what made him angry etc). It's really quite a simple toolkit with genius design and execution that makes kids feel like they are playing while learning. Couldn't recommend it enough

    winnie y.

    囡囡2歲1個月,最近開始會主動同我地講想睇”momo書”同埋唔開心時會自己去抱sad momo公仔!👍

    Sheldon L.

    小朋友正值trouble two開始情緒化,成日鬧情緒,全靠Emomo呢套教材可以幫助小朋友形像化地了解自己嘅情緒,如果只靠家長抽像地講小朋友又唔太明白。而家小朋友已經認識曬教材上十四種情緒名稱同意思,有時仲會指住poster上嘅emomo表示自己當時嘅感受𠻹!




    What’s the difference between the Emomo Basic Kit and Full Kit? 

    The Basic Kit has all of the essential items from our Emomo series to begin playful emotional education at home. The Full Kit contains extra tools like our storybooks, Calming Blocks, and Thinking Journal. 

    My child has suspected or diagnosed special educational needs. Can they use the Emomo materials? 

    Certainly. Emomo is meant to be a playful way to learn about different emotions, how to communicate them, and how to regulate them. Most children will think of these tools as toys instead of learning materials. 

    What is the age limit for the Emomo materials?

    We recommend 2 years old as the lower limit because this is generally when children become more verbally expressive but feel free to start earlier if you’re ready! We don’t put an upper age limit because every child’s social and emotional skills are unique.

    What languages are the materials available in?

    Currently, the materials are available in English and Traditional Chinese. Please choose your language preference when adding this kit to your cart. All the materials (including the storybooks and guides) are in the language that you choose.

    Who did you create the materials with? 

    We worked with Tutor Time International Nursery and Kindergarten to create all the materials in the Emomo series. We combined their years of experience teaching social and emotional learning skills with our unique designs to create Emomo™.