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The Fine Motor Kit

13-20 months

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Building fine-motor skills is a lot like picking up a new sport- it requires specific kinds of training and practice. Your child will need to learn to coordinate their eyes, hands, wrists and fingers, which will eventually let them do things like writing, typing, buttoning their clothes, tying their shoes and so on. The Fine Motor Kit has exactly what your child needs at this age to practice those skills. Suitable for 13 to 20 months.

✅ Train hand-eye coordination and dexterity

✅ Improve finger strength 

✅ Engage in problem-solving activities 

✅ Practice posting skills 

Materials and care

Our items are made with a combination of durable beech wood, tea wood, 100% food-grade silicone, and various baby-safe fabrics and dyes. 

For wooden items: Wipe with a damp cloth 
For silicone items: Wash with water and soap 
For fabric items: Hand wash and hang dry (unless otherwise specified)


All of our toys are tested against the ISO8124 Safety of Toys standards by certified testing labs. Click here for more information on the content of the safety tests

    The Fine Motor Kit
    The Fine Motor Kit
    The Fine Motor Kit
    The Fine Motor Kit

    What's inside this kit?

    • Hedgehog Tumble Train

      Practice fine-motor and problem-solving skills by putting the coins into the compartments and finding ways to retrieve them.

    • In-Box

      Two interchangeable silicone lids slide onto this Montessori-inspired box for your child to practice posting skills while learning about containment.

    • Mama Goose Set

      Mama Goose holds many surprises for your child to find, while promoting fine-motor development and pretend play.

    • Busier Book (L)

      A bigger version of our popular busy book with the signature silicone covers and new activities to discover inside.

    • Paint Palette Puzzle

      A 100% food-grade silicone puzzle that trains fine-motor skills, cognitive skills, and color-matching. Use the stamps for more sensory play.

    • Play Journal

      Find key tips and activities to practice fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and manual dexterity. Use it to record the precious memories from this stage.

    Get to know The Fine Motor Kit

    Key learning objectives

    Learn motor planning skills

    Motor planning refers to the process of organizing and planning movements in order to achieve a specific goal or task. This happens automatically for tasks we do all the time like brushing our teeth, but it’s something that your child can work on with toys that encourage executing a series of actions.

    Practice posting and containment

    Your child will enjoy hiding things in containers and ‘finding’ them. One way to practice this is through posting objects - the act of putting an item into a container through a small opening - by using toys like our In-Box. This is a great way to train fine-motor skills, finger dexterity, and concentration.

    Fine-tuning movements and manual dexterity

    Good coordination is crucial for advanced motor tasks that your child will learn in the future. Toys like our Mama Goose Set and Busier Book (L) encourage your child to fine-tune small movements that involve their wrist, hand, and fingers.

    Promote problem-solving skills

    How do you get the coins out of the Hedgehog Tumble Train? How can you match the circular pieces on the Paint Palette Puzzle? Through experimenting and tinkering with the toys, your child will develop important problem-solving skills.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 51 reviews
    Yanki Y.
    The Newborn Kit


    1歲進階認知發展套裝and 精細動作技能發展套裝


    Tony C.
    Outstanding set

    My 15 month old is enjoying the Fine motor kit and so are we. We can tell that a lot of thought was put into the designs and play journal guidebook. Will be coming back for more kits soon !

    Wendy C.
    Love the Fine Motor kit

    Great attention to detail in the design, it looks and feels so high quality at a very reasonable price. Especially love the play journal activity suggestions that even grandma and grandpa can follow. High recommended!

    Anthony L.
    Newborn Kit

    I purchased the Newborn Kit for my baby and it surpassed my expectations - the sensory toys have already become a big part in my baby's early development. The vibrant colours, contrasting patterns, and different textures were really stimulating and engaged my baby's attention. The textures on the toys and objects also encouraged touch and exploration.

    Cannot recommend this newborn kit enough!