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Why babies love mirrors and which ones you should get

Why do you look in the mirror? Maybe it’s to do your makeup or shave your beard. To do these things, you have to understand that the person in the mirror is you. Researchers are convinced that babies are not born with this awareness of themselves - at least not for the first year or so. Including a mirror in your baby’s play area is not only entertaining for you and your baby, it can also help them pick up this concept sooner. Here are 4 kinds of mirrors that you can consider putting in your baby’s nursery.

1. Wall mounted mirror with handrail 

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If you have the space, you might consider mounting a low mirror on the wall and attaching a handrail. As your baby learns to stand, they will love using the handrail to stabilize themselves while looking in the mirror. 

2. Backseat car mirror 

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Not only is your baby having fun looking at their reflection, it’s also a good way for you to keep an eye on your baby during a long car ride. 

3. Tummy time mirror

A tummy time mirror is a great way to encourage your baby to lift their head up, roll, and even crawl. Remember to get one that is safe and simple since the main attraction should be the mirror, not some flashing lights on the side. 

4. A mirror to-go 

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It may be worthwhile to add a little compact mirror in your child’s bag when they go out. Turns out, children only fully become self-aware at around age 5, so mirrors will still be great for capturing their attention, especially when you need a quick distraction. 

We’ve made it sound like mirrors are only good for entertainment but in reality, they have plenty of educational benefits. Your child can learn to socialize with you through the mirror, understand spatial reasoning, learn language skills, problem solving skills, and more. 

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