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Cute and practical nursery decoration ideas 

Every parent gets a little too excited decorating their baby’s nursery. There are so many things you could do but so little space! Here are some ideas for things to include in your shopping list that are both aesthetic and functional.

1. A low bookshelf 

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Whether your child is 4 months or 4-years-old, a bookshelf is a must on our list. It’s great to get into the habit of reading to your baby as early as you can. As they get older, they can begin to choose the books they want you to read, so a low bookshelf can come in handy then. 

2. Wall and ceiling decals

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Remember, your baby is fascinated by high-contrast colors and bold patterns. You can use some interesting wallpaper or even get some wall decals like these ones that light-up. Your baby will spend a lot of time looking up and to the side, so let’s give them something interesting to look at.

3. Green is good

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Children love nature and we do too. Having some plants inside your baby’s nursery is a great way to make it feel brighter and more lively. If you’re worried about taking care of real plants, just get some fake ones. No one will judge you for that.

4. Repurpose a dresser 

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Do you have an old dresser lying around? Why not repurpose it and use it as a diaper changing station. You can use it to store clothes, diapers, and other important things.

5. Save some wall space for a photo gallery 

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Photos of your baby, photos of cute animals, or cute wall art. Save some wall space in case you decide to hang some up! As an added bonus, your baby will love looking at the faces of their family members. 

6. Play area on the floor 

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A playmat of some sort is a must-have for your baby. They will use it almost everyday for tummy time and eventually for play as they learn to sit and crawl. 

Nurseries are a great way to express your inner interior designer (which we know we all have), so don’t be afraid to have some fun and add a personal touch to it.

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