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How does your baby show ‘love’? Does your baby ‘love’ you?

Love is an emotion your baby will not understand or articulate until many years later. Some adults don’t even know how to describe what love is but sometimes, you don’t need words to describe it, you can show it with actions. Similarly, while your baby can’t say it, there are things that they do that experts consider ‘love’. 

1. They listen to your voice 

Research suggests that babies can recognize their mother’s voice even in the womb. Even in the first few days after birth, you might notice your baby looks at you when you talk or follows your voice as you move around the room. 

2. Synchronized heartbeats 

Researchers found that when mothers and their babies sat face-to-face and shared cheerful smiles and vocalizations, their heartbeats synchronized within milliseconds of each other. This was only the case between mothers and their own babies. How cool is that? 

3. They smell you

Babies are born with a highly-developed sense of smell. In fact, they can use their smell alone to tell apart their mother’s breast milk from other breast milk. They also love your smell, similar to how you love your baby’s unique smell. 

4. They trust you

Babies cry when they are uncomfortable because they know that you will attend to their needs, whether that’s feeding or changing their diaper. These interactions tell your baby that they can feel safe with you around. 

5. Separation anxiety 

If your baby cries when they are separated from you then calms down when they are back in your arms, it’s a sign of a healthy and secure attachment, and likely love. 

If you want our advice, you shouldn’t worry too much about whether or not your baby loves you. As long as you show your baby love and affection, they will almost always reciprocate. Remember that babies are sensitive to your emotions and their environment. Creating a warm and loving environment is just as important as how you treat your baby. 

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