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How much do parents spend before their baby is born? Download our checklist! 

We know the chaos that is the few months before your baby is born. Prepping the nursery,  buying supplies, buying toys for baby, choosing a stroller and so on. Here’s how much parents are spending on their newborns. 

    • • Baby stroller - HKD 3000 to 8000 
    • • Crib - HKD 2000 to 10000
    • • Feeding gear - HKD 1000 to 2000
    • • Nursery decor and furniture - HKD 1500 to 18000 


and more, adding up to on average a total of ~HKD 15000 even before their baby is born. This doesn’t include the ongoing expenses such as food, diapers, supplies and so on. Of course, there are ways to save money, such as creating a gift registry or buying second-hand. However, in our opinion, there are a few things worth splurging a little on. 

1. Car seat 

This goes without saying - safety is always first when it comes to car seats. 

2. Stroller 

A good stroller can last you a long time. Make sure to buy a stroller that suits your needs i.e. easily stored? Suitable for rough terrain? Lightweight? It may even be useful for future babies. 

3. Educational toys

The right toys can significantly enhance the quality of your play time and bonding time, which leads to healthy brain development during this sensitive period. 

4. Baby carrier 

If you’re the type of person to be rushing from point A to point B, a good carrier will save you a lot of discomfort and keep your baby safe. 

Having a baby is without a doubt expensive, but it comes with the priceless years of memories and happiness. Remember that you don’t need everything that every blog article tells you to get, just focus on the necessities and budget effectively. Download our checklist of the absolute essentials for your newborn! 

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