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Welcome to our kit for months 0 to 2


The very first kit in our Early Learning Kits that some parents have called “as essential as diapers and strollers”. This kit begins your baby’s learning journey and focuses on the importance of learning through looking and touching. Packed with age-appropriate toys, a full-size playmat, and a developmental guide for parents, you’ll find everything your baby needs for learning and playing. 

What’s inside the Look. Play. Learn. Kit? 

LT Playmat 

Made from cotton and designed to be extra comfortable on your baby’s skin and senses, this baby playmat is not meant to be bursting with colors. We intentionally kept the colors minimal to avoid overstimulation, and there’s a special area for attaching our Sensory Board and Rainbow Piano. The bottom of the mat also features a non-slip material. 

Sensory Board 

This soft rainbow board is packed with learning opportunities and attaches to our playmat. One side features a child-safe mirror for your baby to explore (remember to peel the plastic off). The other side has areas for attaching our Airplane Rattle and Sun Plush, and is also stuffed with crinkle paper. Your baby can practice kicking, touching, grabbing, and looking with this toy. 

Rainbow Piano

Our Rainbow Piano has colorful flaps with crinkle paper, which encourages your baby to tap on them (like they’re playing the piano). You can also ‘hide’ things under the flaps so that your baby can ‘find’ them. 

Black and White Cards 

You’ve probably heard that babies see best in black and white. Our soft cards feature five different images and five different textures too. As your baby gets older, they can continue to use the cards for sensory play. 

Airplane Rattle 

Our oversized Airplane Rattle has wings that your baby can grasp. Once they grasp it, they can also shake it to make a sound. These early experiences teach your baby about cause and effect. The rattle attaches to our Sensory Board. 

Sun Plush 

Your baby will love touching and putting their hands through the taggies on the Sun Plush. It also attaches to our Sensory Board. 

BOO! Board Book 

It’s never too early to begin reading, and what better book to start with than a black and white peek-a-boo style book! Let your baby gaze at the illustrations and open the flaps to reveal the animals. 

For Parents Only Guides

This guide contains easy-to-follow activity guides and detailed developmental information about your 0 to 2 month baby. Try out these learning activities or play in your own way, and keep track of your baby’s milestones throughout their first years. 

Explore this kit for your 0-2 month old newborn