0 to 4 months

Understanding Your Child’s First Days

These first few months are the most confusing for you and for your child. Remember to keep everything soft, including lights, sounds, and smells. Your child is just getting used to all these new sensations and can easily be overstimulated. It is also important to let them stretch out and move! Lying on a play mat or on your tummy is perfect for letting your child strengthen their neck and core muscles.

At birth, your child mainly sees in black and white. At 4 months, their vision is almost fully mature!

By 4 months, your child should be able to hold their head up without wobbling and play during tummy time.

By 4 months, your child will recognize your face and voice, and enjoy playing with you.

Your child will reflexively grasp things in their palm, and will spontaneously kick when lying on their back.