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How to develop your child's listening skills from a young age

Developing listening skills is crucial for your child’s learning at home and at school. But how can you build a strong foundation for listening skills? The good news is you can do simple activities and games at home on a weekly basis to train your kid’s skills. 

Is it necessary to develop listening skills from a young age?

Being able to listen is crucial in preparation for school and in daily life. It is incredibly important for understanding and processing of information. Developing listening skills are the building blocks to language development and clear communication skills. Being able to listen allows young children to follow simple instructions, retain and process stories from storytelling, and start practicing other cognitive skills. 

What can you do at home to create a strong foundation for listening skills

Address your child’s name to grab their attention

Experts advise that you use your child’s name when giving instructions or talking to them to get their attention in the first place. Be patient when waiting for a response from your child and give them a chance to respond.

Fun games and interactive activities

It is recommended that you introduce listening concepts and skills through learning games to encourage your child to be fully engaged in the process. Some examples include asking questions after storytelling and games like Simon says. 

Listening comprehension after storytelling

Listening comprehension may seem too complicated for a 2 year old but it doesn't have to be. Asking simple questions such as “what happened in the story?” or “did you like the story?” already allows your child to train their memory, listening, attention stamina and other cognitive skills. Explore our Storytelling Kits for monthly storybooks and materials! 


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