1 interactive storybook each month, created by LT 

3 to 4 educational toys each month that match the storybook's theme 

12 themes to learn about and explore 

Learn English through reading, playing, and exploring 



  • Parents can login anytime anywhere on desktop or mobile phone to watch video guides for suggested activities and teaching tips. 
  • 9-10 activity demonstrations
  • 6 storytelling tips suitable for your child's English language ability


  • 4-5 Learning Materials including an Original Storybook and Activity Poster


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Developmental Necessities from 0 to 2

Miss Katie

Miss Katie is our English instructor from the USA who has been teaching English for over six years. She holds a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Certification and has taught children ranging from preschool age to university age. She was previously the Head of English Curriculum Development and now teaches English at Tutor Time.

Miss Katie

Used in Real Classrooms with Real Results

The Story Program is based off of research which suggests that children (and people in general) learn better through stories. Children are better able to stay engaged, visualize concepts, build emotional connections, and process complex information through stories. On top of that, we place emphasis on introducing language concepts to your child in digestible portions.