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Why is it important to celebrate festivals and holidays with your children?

Think back to your own childhood. Do you have memories of celebrating different festivals with your family? Chances are, these nostalgic memories still bring back vivid emotions. Different countries and cultures celebrate different festivals and it’s no coincidence that many involve children. 

Why should we include our children in these celebrations? 

1. They are a great way of teaching children about your culture and traditions 

Different countries or cultures will celebrate different festivals and holidays. For example, Lunar New Year is celebrated in many East Asian countries and always involves gathering with family, eating, and red packets (among other traditions). Many of these traditions would not be taught in other situations.

2. They are great for teaching values

Apart from the fun and games, festivals teach important values such as the importance of family, the importance of being grateful and much more. They are a great opportunity to show and model these values instead of just telling your children why they are important.


3. They are often catered towards children 

Many festivals revolve around children, such as Christmas! Even though it has religious roots, Christmas is a near-global celebration that often involves Christmas trees, gifting, and family. 

4. They benefit children's development 

Holidays and festivals are a great opportunity for family and friend gatherings, which is great for children to build relationships with important people in their lives. In addition to their social development, children can also learn new vocabulary associated with different festivals. 


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