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Understanding sensitive periods of brain development

You’ve heard the term ‘age-appropriate’ too many times by now but there’s a reason as to why everyone keeps saying it. According to the Center on the Developing Child in Harvard, children go through phases of brain development that depend on age-appropriate experiences. 

Sensitive Periods 

In the first 4 years, your baby’s brain is creating and pruning synapses at a high rate. Synapses are the connections between each neuron (or ‘brain cell’). During ‘sensitive periods’, certain areas of the brain responsible for different functions like seeing, hearing, language and so on are developing at rapid rates. Many even begin before birth! 

Source: https://www.leelanauearlychildhood.org/brain-development 

The 3 Most Important Things for Each Stage

  1. 1. Proper nutrition. Your baby’s brain uses up more energy than our adult brains do! 

  2. 2. Avoiding toxins. This can be toxins in the environment to things like toxic stress.

  3. 3. Growth-promoting environment. This includes the physical environment like toys and books, and social environment like playing and bonding.

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