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Understanding baby developmental milestones 

If you’re like us, this is about the stage during which you start to obsess over developmental milestones. There are a lot of resources available regarding milestones, such as what you should expect and when you should expect them to happen. However, there’s a crucial part of the story that’s often overlooked. 

Should I be looking at milestones? 

Our best answer: sometimes. Milestones are a lot like general guidelines- they give a rough idea of when things happen. Usually, experts will give a timeframe for each milestone, such as ‘7 to 9 months’ for ‘crawling’. But here’s a secret- some babies skip crawling altogether and go straight from floor to standing! 

When should you look at milestones?

Some milestones are more important than others. For example, many experts agree that if your baby hasn’t started vocalizing by 5 months, you should consult a pediatrician to check for hearing deficiencies or other problems. However, some babies may start vocalizing at 1 month while others start at 3 months. If you notice that your baby is outside of a normal range, you can bring it up to your pediatrician. 

Where should I find these resources?

Look for reputable organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Hong Kong Child Development Center, and other experts in the field. We’ve also put together a simple milestones page for parents to explore.  

The best way to notice milestones is through spending quality time with your baby such as through playing or caring for them. Normally, parents have nothing to worry about if their baby doesn’t reach a milestone at an exact time. After all, development occurs on a spectrum! 

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