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Understanding your options for nursery school

It’s that time when you have to start thinking about nursery (or ‘pre-nursery) school. We’ve been through the process and we know what you’re thinking. The school your child attends will affect which kindergarten they go to, which will affect which primary school they attend, which will affect high school and university prospects! There’s no need to get too carried away just yet. At this age, the main priority is to put your child in an environment where they will be happy to learn, socialize, and grow. Here’s a cheat sheet of the main things we think you should consider when applying for school. 

  1. 1. Language of instruction 

This is probably the most important factor. Choose a school where your preferred language is taught, and understand what language the students prefer to use on a daily basis. School will play a crucial role in determining what language your child prefers. 

  1. 2. Teaching philosophy 

Perhaps you prefer a learn-through-play approach that encourages holistic learning instead of rote learning. Knowing what the school offers and what their reputation is like goes a long way. 

  1. 3. School environment and teachers 

Do a school tour and actually visit the school! Experience the environment, observe the teachers, and see if you think your child would fit in. 

  1. 4. Tuition and location 

As issues of practicality, these things do need to be considered. However, we put them as the last considerations because in our opinion, there is more room for compromise for these factors.

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