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5 signs that your toddler is gifted

Giftedness is often thought of as related to intelligence or IQ. In reality, children (and people) can be artistically gifted, musically gifted, gifted in leadership ability and more. How can you really tell if your child is gifted? There is no concrete answer but there are some general signs you can look out for. 

  1. 1. Giftedness usually runs in the family. If you yourself are gifted or have family members who are gifted, it’s not unusual to see it in your child. 

  2. 2. Look out for ‘supersensitivities’. They may be particularly sensitive to loud noises or certain tastes. They may also demonstrate extreme emotions or restlessness. 

  3. 3. Heightened sense of curiosity. Gifted children often ask many questions, especially about ‘why’ things happen. They also tend to prefer novelty over familiarity. 

  4. 4. Advanced abilities. Gifted children are often above average in some abilities, such as reading level, math, memory, or even being able to relate well to adults. 

  5. 5. A broad spectrum of interests. Because gifted children tend to get bored easily, they may bounce back and forth between multiple interests. Don’t confuse this with ADHD - gifted children can still focus intensely for long periods of time. 

Can you teach a child to become gifted? 

The term ‘gifted’ implies that your child was born with it. However, early childhood experiences shape the way that your child’s brain is built over the years, so it’s very possible that you can modify their abilities through experiences. 

It’s important to remember that giftedness exists on a spectrum. Just because your child is not a math genius, they may still be gifted in math if they are very ahead of their peers. If you have a reason to believe that your child doesn’t fit in well in their school because of their advanced abilities, you can discuss options with your child’s teacher. 



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