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My son loves it!

My son loves the School Essentials Kit so much and plays it everyday!

Early learning kit review

It’s of good quality. We suggest to arrange some presentation/demonstration sessions so we would benefit more. Thanks!

Great choice!

The materials are in good quality. My kids love to play with it so much. It also help me save some time to plan and prepare for their learning time materials in each stages, which it very helpful. Thanks!

Well designed learning kit

Everything’s been great and helpful for letting my baby to learn the skills in this early stage! I love all pieces from LT and the designs are so lovely!

Great gift for my baby

My baby loves this kit, especially the book which is well designed and my baby really loves to flip the page.


原來有咁多件玩具,收到時媽媽都覺得手偶好可愛,增加左媽媽想同BB 玩既興趣! 不同功能性既玩具無咁易悶,顏色又靚,雖然BB 未識玩哂咁多樣玩,但都好期待😃

safe and inspiring toys are best for baby

my baby loves the wooden robot and it could keep him busy for around 15 mins each time

My son just loves it!

My son loves the whole learning set so much especially the mechanical board that he can mirror himself, help the astronauts going back to the space and the story book as well. He just loves it so much and plays it everyday!

The design of the toys are good but the quality was a bit poor, the blanket bucket was moldy and the wooden tree trunk was loose

Easy to follow

The toys are nicely designed and made with good quality. The most amazing is that there is a guide book for new parents like me to follow easily.

Review for Early Learning Kits for 14-16 Months

We received the kit and it was very nicely packaged, the products are of great qualities and we really love it. Our baby also love the toys and the books. The downside is that it takes a bit of time to study the instructions as there were many ways to present the toys to baby, and we did not do it correctly at first. It was also very expensive but worth it if you really use it as your primary educational tool and use it regularly. We mostly rely on our helper to play with baby and she was not as good with following the instructions hence the tool was not always used as intended.


The tree trunk of the fruit tree is not easy to install and remove.

Great experiences

My daughter like the essential kit very much. Inside the kit provide everything ready to learn for preschool. Thank you so much.

Lovely toys!

The toys are lovely and eye catching. Not only can they draw the attention of Damon, but also us. We enjoy playing with Damon although at this stage he may not be able to respond very quickly to every move. We believe Damon will be a happy boy with these toys.



今次呢盒係12-14months bb玩,非常滿足,可以訓練多種能力。



媽媽最欣賞就係個包裝盒及木制玩具,質感非常好😍就算BB仍然會放入口都唔太擔心。 包裝盒同BB一齊拆大家都好開心興奮愛不釋手😆

Great fun and nice learning materials

I'm amazed when the learning kits arrived, the learning materials are finely made and there is a guide book for us as parents guiding our kid to learn through playing activities. Thanks to LT team.

Good quality toys for baby

The quality of the toys were better than expected, both in terms of materials and design. My child interacts very well with the toys and the toys are much better than I thought!








講真 最唔鍾意收玩具做禮物添
加上BB大得快 好似細個好鍾意玩/咬嘅布書
有唔同珠仔嘅積木 薯B最鍾意shakeshakeshake
同埋教緊佢疊起(暫時仲練習緊 未成功😝)
對住啲colorful嘅公仔唔洗講 零抵抗力
佢每款有兩隻 一大一細
可以畀BABAMAMA BB教發揮到創意
even係同一set玩具 都可以有好多玩法
BB細個都係有樣學樣 你有創意啲
其中一本係教Baby Sign
當中有啲薯B已經識 有啲係新嘢
Baby Sign真係好好
知道佢原來想飲奶 要唔要再食多啲 etc
薯B爬上爬落 又推又拉
鍛鍊埋啲大肌肉 玩到濕晒😝又放一放電啦

Pre school Learning time kit for my 23rd month baby

My son is the typical kind of baby that does not wanna sit down and always running around.
He even get bored by watching youtube after 10-15mins.
However the learning kit actually intrigued him a lot especially the learning pen, the 3D puzzle book, and Alphabet cards. And I am amazed how quick he picks up the name of an object in no times (Yes he mixed up with lion and tiger but I am already very happy to see his progress haha)
I also like the guideline for parents which gives me a better idea on how to utilize the whole kit.
The quality are also excellent and I highly recommended to every parents out there!





Useful learning kits

We received a box of The Storytelling Kits that can teach and play for my daughter at home. She likes to listen and read the storybook and plays the relevant toys. The learning box helps her to learn more new vocabulary and skills.

A great learning kit!

The preschool learning kit includes every aspects that a kid needs to learn before entering school.
It’s very convenient for me as a parent to use too, as there’s guideline for each set of learning tool, with a lot of fun activities ideas!
The quality is excellent. My son loves it a lot!