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The alphabet, colors, and numbers. What should my 2 year old know?

The number one question we get asked is ‘is it normal that my child is ____’? Parents are always worried about their children’s wellbeing and development and at 2 years old, these are the areas you should pay attention to. 

Language development

Your child should be exposed to the basic characters of the language(s) that you expect them to learn. If you expect them to learn English and Chinese, they will need to begin to see what English and Chinese characters look like and sound like. This is called ‘early literacy’. 

Numbers, counting, and math 

At this age, your child should understand one-to-one correspondence - this lays the foundation for counting in the future. If your child still struggles with this, you should try these activities. Once they master one-to-one correspondence, it’s all a matter of practice before they can count smoothly. Simple arithmetics is something that is usually tackled at a later stage (around 4 years old). 

Shapes and colors 

Shape recognition is tied to future math learning, while color recognition is tied to future language development. Both are crucial and both are ready to be taught at this age. Teaching shapes is mostly a matter of using everyday examples, like asking your child what shape a wheel is. Teaching colors is similar, but there is a special trick you can use

School readiness 

School readiness includes skills like paying attention, problem solving, teamwork, manners, communication and so on. It encompasses a wide range of skills that ensures your child is ready to learn effectively in class. The best way to teach these skills is through doing more activities at home. 

Going to school certainly ensures that your child is on the right track. However, research has consistently shown that children who get support outside of school perform better in all these areas. See how our School Essentials Kit can help. 



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