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Activities at home: Rescue the toy! 

This activity puts an interesting spin on sensory play. Your child will love touching the ice and seeing it turn into water as it melts.  All you need for this activity is: 

  • • A container 
  • • Some plastic or silicone toys 
  • • A toothbrush
  • • Salt 



  • • Place some water and a few of your child’s toys in the container.
  • • Freeze it overnight.
  • • The next day, tell your child that the toys are stuck. Challenge your child to rescue the toys! 
  • • Rub the ice, brush it with the toothbrush, and add some salt to make it melt quicker. 
  • • What else can you do to make the ice melt quicker? 

Try this at home and share your experience with us!



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