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The Together Time Project

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Bringing families together, one Emomo at a time

The Together Time Project

We surveyed hundreds of low-income families in Hong Kong. 95% have heard about social and emotional learning, but less than 10% have sufficient resources to teach their kids. We created the Together Time Project to address this problem.

Our Objectives

  • Shifting the Focus to Emotional Learning
    Hong Kong is notorious for its rigorous education system. While we produce many of the world’s top students, we also have one of the world’s highest student depression and anxiety rates. Social and emotional learning tools can provide students with more ways to cope with the stress of school.
  • Grassroot Impact
    There have been institutional efforts to promote social and emotional learning in Hong Kong schools, but we want to reach families directly and make an impact where it matters most - at home. After all, children’s social and emotional skills are heavily influenced by their family environment.
  • Addressing Real-life Issues
    Studies show that low-income families face greater parenting stress and are more likely to use dysfunctional parenting styles. This is directly linked to greater emotional and behavioral problems in children - issues which can be decreased through social and emotional learning.
  • Starting as Early as Possible
    Schools often start social and emotional learning programs in primary school, but our kit can be used as early as when children turn 2. Children already begin to experience big emotions at 2 (hence ‘trouble twos’) which is why it’s the perfect time to start emotional education.

How it works?

  • We partner with charitable organizations

  • They identify families who need our kit the most

  • 1 full kit donated for every 3 purchased

  • We provide additional guidance and support to the families

250 kits donated (and counting)

Looking to receive our Emomo Kit donations for your organization?

Our Together Time Project currently works with the Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong and their network of social workers and preschools. If you think your organization fits in with this project’s mission, please leave your contact information and we’ll be in touch!