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The Smart Kit (2 to 4 years)

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2 to 4 years

Get a head start for preschool and beyond

The Smart Kit

A bilingual English and Mandarin toolkit to boost pre-literacy and pre-numeracy through play.

For Toddlers Who are Beginning Preschool

  • One complete kit to cover language, numbers, colors and more

  • Access to an online worksheet bank full of different activities

  • Activities created by educators for you to do at home

What’s in your kit?

  • Smart Reading Pen

    Smart Pen

    Use it with our storybooks and learning cards to play audio recorded by native English and Mandarin teachers.

  • Interactive Storybooks

    A set of 6 books covering common vocabulary and themes learned at this age.

  • Learning Cards

    Complete with the alphabet, Chinese characters, and colors, and fully compatible with the Smart Pen. Doubles as a puzzle game too.

  • Numbers and Shapes Board

    Shape puzzle on one side, and number board on the other. Use the tongs and pom poms for counting and fine-motor practice.

  • Seasons Set

    Duo Duo and Tian Tian have different clothes for each season. Choose the right clothes and help them put it on.

  • Worksheet Bank

    Lifetime access to our worksheet bank. Download and print them as you need to practice pre-writing skills.

  • Parent's Guide

    Activity suggestions and expert advice to boost learning at home.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Early English Literacy
    • Identify letters in the alphabet and their corresponding sounds
    • Identify and pronounce common nouns in English
    • Understand basic English phrases and sentences
    • Trace and write letters in the alphabet
  • Early Chinese Literacy
    • Identify and pronounce common Chinese characters
    • Match Chinese characters to their corresponding meanings
    • Understand basic Chinese phrases and sentences
    • Trace and write Chinese characters according to the correct stroke formation
  • Early Numeracy
    • Identify and pronounce numbers 1 through 10 in English and Chinese
    • Learn about one-to-one correspondence
    • Count from 1 to 10
    • Identify and name common shapes in English and Chinese
  • Fine-motor Skills
    • Practice the pincer grip with tongs
    • Pre-writing practice with the Smart Pen and worksheets
    • Use the Seasons Set for a variety of fine-motor challenges
  • Learning Colors
    • Identify and name primary colors and common secondary colors
    • Match objects of the same color
    • Sort objects of the same color
  • School Readiness Skills
    • Follow instructions to complete tasks
    • Concentrate for an extended period of time
    • Familiarize your child with school activities
    • Get a head start by learning the fundamentals

All the essentials in one kit

From pre-reading and pre-math to learning self-dressing skills, reinforce key concepts through hands-on activities.

Academic-focused, play-based

Don’t let the learning outcomes fool you. Learning languages and maths skills can be fun with the right guidance!

The perfect supplementary tool

Whether your child is home schooled or joining their first preschool, this kit will provide plenty of tools and activities to supplement their learning.

All the support you need

If our Parent’s Guide doesn’t have the answer to your questions, we probably will! Our team is always happy to support you.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Natalie S.
Wonderful learning materials for my baby

Smart Kit provides a funny and effective way to learn English, Putonghua and Mathematics for my 2 years old baby. My baby likes to use the smart electronic pen to read books and cards. She learns English and Putonghua through reading. She likes to play with the dolls as well which can train up her small muscles.

Pui y.W.


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The Smart Kit


Our Smart Kit prepares your toddler for their bilingual learning journey. Nail down the fundamentals, from pre-literacy to pre-math skills, and ensure that your child is ready for preschool and beyond. 


Do you design your own materials?

Everything in this kit is designed by Learning Time, including the storybook text and illustration. This way, we can ensure that each item is purposefully designed instead of combining random toys from different sources.

How long do I have access to the worksheet bank?

You will get lifetime access! That means you can download and use them whenever you want. We also periodically update the bank with new worksheets.

If my child attends pre-nursery class, do I still need this kit?

This kit was designed to supplement what children are beginning to learn in pre-nursery. It's a great tool to reinforce concepts like pre-literacy and pre-numeracy, especially if your child is bilingual.

Can I use this for home-school?

You can certainly add this kit to your home-schooling plan. The tools and activity ideas are all prepared by educators so they should be useful for home learning. There are also worksheets for additional writing practice.

What if I only speak one of the languages? Will I still be able to help my child learn?

That's completely fine. You can use our Smart Pen to learn along with your child, and practice pronouncing words in English and Mandarin like a native speaker!