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School Essentials Kit (1.5 to 3 years)

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1.5 to 3 years

Build the foundation for bilingual literacy and numeracy skills

School Essentials kit

Designed to match the curriculum at Tutor Time Hong Kong to give your child a head-start in their learning journey.

For Toddlers Who are Beginning Preschool

  • One complete kit to use throughout the year

  • Activity guides for home-learning

  • Research-backed developmental guide

What’s in your kit?

Featuring our SmartPen, weekly worksheets, and more!

  • SmartPen

    Learn how to read and pronounce words in English and Mandarin using our SmartPen.

  • Matching Books Set

    5 bilingual themed books to introduce your child to common topics. Each book also has removable pieces for additional play. Compatible with the SmartPen.

  • Color Board

    A unique felt board to learn color names and identification, while practicing fine motor skills in ten different ways.

  • Shape Board

    A wooden puzzle board to learn shape names and practice solving puzzles - two important pre-math skills.

  • Alphabet Cards (A-Z)

    Learn important pre-phonics skills like identifying the letters and sounds of the alphabet. Compatible with the SmartPen.

  • Chinese Character Cards

    Learn basic Chinese characters and trace them according to the correct stroke order. Compatible with the SmartPen.

  • Number Cards (1-20)

    Textured cards up to 20 to practice number identification, counting, and number tracing. Compatible with the SmartPen.

  • Interactive Storybooks Set

    3 bilingual storybooks, each introducing an important concept for children at this age. Compatible with the SmartPen.

  • Weekly Worksheets

    Download and print age-appropriate worksheets from our Worksheet Bank at your own convenience.

  • Activity Guide

    Made by Tutor Time preschool teachers, and full of activity suggestions for each material to learn-through-play.

  • Charm

    A special charm to help your child cope with separation anxiety as they have more independent experiences and go to school alone for the first time.

  • Development Guide

    A comprehensive guide on your child’s development at this age, the latest research in child development, tips, and more!

  • Duo Duo Uniform

    Meet our limited edition Duo Duo! He's excited to be your child's learning buddy this year.

Learning objectives

  • Early English Literacy

    • Identify letters in the alphabet, Understand and identify letter and phoneme correspondence
    • Identify and pronounce common nouns in English
    • Comprehend basic English words and sentences
    • Trace and write letters in the alphabet
  • Early Chinese Literacy

    • Identify common Chinese characters
    • Identify and pronounce common nouns in Chinese
    • Comprehend basic Chinese words and sentences
    • Trace and write Chinese characters according to the correct stroke formation
  • Early Numeracy

    • Identify and pronounce numbers from 1 to 20 in English and Chinese
    • Understand one-to-one correspondence
    • Count from 1 to 20 in English and Chinese
    • Trace and write numbers according to the correct stroke formation
    • Identify common shapes in English and Chinese
    • Trace and draw common shapes
  • School Readiness

    • Follow instructions to complete a task
    • Concentrate and pay attention for an extended period of time
    • Self-regulation skills for controlling emotions
    • Familiarize your child with school-related tasks

Created for Students, By Educators

All the activities and materials in this kit are created by curriculum experts and preschool teachers, and are used in real classrooms.

Sharing the Joy of Home-Learning

Now more than ever, home-learning resources have become essential for our children’s education. This kit was originally made exclusively for Tutor Time HK’s students but now, it’s available for everyone.


Customer Reviews

Based on 149 reviews
Carmen Y.
Pretty and engaging toys that last through toddlerhood

I love how the LT toys have a theme every month, and also have common characters / colour themes through out the packs, to keep the coherence.
Eventhough not taught in the learning guides, some toys across monthly pack can be used together to create new play ideas, making the toys to last throughout infant and toddlerhood.

Ka I.C.
kit 20-22mths

my son is very love the counting tree 1-6, he can learn and find the numbers then follow to label 1-6 on the tree, he got the fun



Summer K.
Good after sales service

I told the staff my clock doesn’t function, then they send me a new one immediately

ernest n.

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School Essentials Kit


Our School Essentials Kit prepares your 2 to 3 year old for their bilingual English and Mandarin learning journey. Featuring our SmartPen, this kit will ensure your child’s pre-literacy and pre-math skills are ready for the best preschools and primary schools.


Why do you only deliver one package for the School Essentials Kit?

Many children begin nursery school at this age, so we didn't want to impose too many additional materials on top of their school time. We found that there are only a handful of materials that are essential at this age, and they all happen to fit in one package.

Can this kit replace going to school?

We view this kit as a supplementary resource, not a replacement for school. However, for children who opt not to go to school at this age, this kit can certainly ensure that they are not missing out on the fundamentals.

My child attends Tutor Time in Hong Kong. Do I get a special offer for this kit?

Contact your school administrator to find out if Tutor Time currently has any offers for your child.

Why is this kit bilingual? What if I only speak one of the languages?

Plenty of research has demonstrated the benefits of bilingual learning. And if you only speak one of the languages, perfect! You can learn along with your child. Our SmartPen will teach you how to pronounce everything like a native speaker.

How can this kit last one whole year?

Your child will not instantly master all the concepts in this kit. It's best to introduce concepts in gradual steps. After all, they will be learning the fundamentals of English literacy, Mandarin literacy, numbers, shapes, colors, and more!