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Our Approach

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Our Approach

The First 1000 Days

Often called the “golden period” of brain development, the first 1000 days are a crucial stage of brain development.

  • Day 0 to 700 - Your child’s brain doubles in size

  • Day 700 to 1000 - Your child’s brain creates more synapses (connections) than your brain

  • By day 1000 - Your child’s brain reaches 80% of its adult size

Scaffolding in Learning

  • Learning a skill is like building a house

    You start with some basics for the foundation. For example, when learning to crawl, you start with building up your child’s large muscle groups.

  • As your child learns more, they need “scaffolding” to help

    You are your child’s scaffolding! You provide guidance and support while they build up their skills. For example, you can help your child roll over to build key gross motor skills for crawling.

  • When they have mastered a skill, you can remove the scaffolding

    Then, they can begin to use and practice the skill on their own to gain mastery over the skill. For example, once your child can crawl, they will begin to crawl everywhere without your help.

  • What happens when they learn without scaffolding?

    It’s still possible, but it might take longer to learn the same skill. Our kits use this concept of “scaffolding” in learning to help you help your child learn key skills at each stage of development.

Outcomes of Scaffolding (or Guided-play)

What approaches do we use?

Are our kits Montessori? Waldorf? Or perhaps Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences? The truth is, the definitions of these approaches are so broad that it’s easy for people to claim one or the other. We don’t focus on the labels, we just focus on the benefits.

Most importantly, we focus on connection

Building a strong connection with your child can have long-term benefits for their learning and development such as: better social and emotional skills as well as better language development.

Choose your kit to get started

  • 0 - 2 years

    Early Learning Kits

    Learn through play at each stage of development.

    Our Early Learning Kits help your 0 to 2 year old reach key developmental milestones through play. Delivered every 2 months, each kit is filled with innovative educational toys and storybooks for kids that are designed and crafted by our experts.


    About This Kit
  • 2 to 4 years

    The Smart Kit

    A bilingual English and Mandarin toolkit to boost pre-literacy and pre-numeracy through play.

    Our Smart Kit prepares your toddler for their bilingual learning journey. Nail down the fundamentals, from pre-literacy to pre-math skills, and ensure that your child is ready for preschool and beyond. 

    About This Kit
  • For ages 2+

    The Emomo Kit

    A play-based toolkit for emotional education at home, starting as early as 2 years old. Available in English & Chinese versions.

    Filled with unique learning materials to help reduce conflicts and meltdowns, improve communication, and ultimately, connect with your child. Making social and emotional learning and positive parenting fun for beginners and experts alike. Suitable for children ages 2 and up. For all levels and abilities of learners.

    About This Kit
  • 2.5 - 5 years

    The Storytelling Kits

    Imaginative stories and toys to promote theme-based learning.

    Our Storytelling Kits explore a different theme each month to teach your child relevant vocabulary, engage in pretend play, and spark their love for books. Delivered monthly, each kit has an original storybook and innovative toys for imaginative learning-through-play. 


    About This Kit