Milo Plush


Milo is a dinosaur and he gets very nervous and shy when
others are around. This causes his cheeks to turn blue. He is never able to do a full roar because he is too nervous and shy. When he opens mouth, he does the cutest roar ever!



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First Steps
Age range:
4 months to 2.5 years old
21 Levels Total
Be your child's best first teacher and learn how you can stimulate the four key areas of development.
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The Fundamentals
Age range:
2-3 years old
A comprehensive program used by Tutor Time Int’l Nursery and Kindergarten’s nursery-aged students to stay ahead.
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The Story
Age range:
2.5-6 years old
12 Levels Total
Let your child explore new themes, concepts and develop English language skills through storytelling.
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