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We LOVE learning time ! Their books and toys are perfectly designed specifically for a child’s different developmental stages ! My older son has been learning so much with them the past few years and I can’t wait to get my 9 months old started with the early development kit now ! Cannot recommend more !!! ♥️

Comprehensive Kit

My daughter was overjoyed when she opened the learning kit. There is a huge variety of activities for her. She particularly liked the flashcards. Thanks!

My girl likes the school learning kit, book and doll very much. They are very attractive and useful. It's a great gift to all of us. Very thoughtful and caring.

The essential kit is quite user friendly. It’s not only a learning tool, but also a toy. My daughter loves playing with it and she learns at the same time.

My girl really likes the toys and books!! It all designed in bilingual with beautiful colors and pictures. It comes with guidelines for parents in how to play with kids and teach the topics in our daily life. It is very helpful too!!

Jayden likes the School Essentials Kit a lot. It covers a wide range of topics and allows Jayden to gain exposure to words in a fun and engaging way. He loves all learning materials, especially the reading pen. It encourages him to read more and fills his head with new bits of information day by day.

Very good quality and easy to use. My boy likes the book because he can relate himself and his teachers to the characters in the book. I am glad that he can continue the education at home thanks to this material.

My daughter Catherine loves this essential kit and can study herself for a long time. She learns a lot while playing puzzles or reading books.

The school essential kit is a great self learning kit for our son and came in handy while we navigate through the pandemic given school is suspended.
Our son was excited the moment when we received the the parcel, unboxed it and the excitement continued when he uncovered all these colourful toys, books and learning tools.
An awesome kit for kids to venture into their own journey of discovery!

My girl was very excited getting to open this big box of learning kit. All the items are thoughtfully presented and very educational. She particularly enjoyed playing with the color board and figuring out how to get each color pen out one by one. There are not a lot of bilingual learning kits in the market with this quality, very helpful kit to support learning at home.

The essential kit is very helpful for my kids while all the classes have been suspended due to the Covid 19 epidemic. My kids are very interested in reading the storybook which they can explore new things about this world.

It's definitely good to have since school did not happen much this year. When Donovan first open the box, he dived right into the toys , and my first impression was that the toys were too easy for him. Then I saw the video and found out ways that I can interact with him by using the toys as a tool, then I got it. That part is definitely harder for him when it comes to understanding sentences, grouping..etc. The designs are great, not cheesy at all! It would be good to have a smaller version that we can travel with from place to place 🙂

The level of detail in the curriculum design is incredible! Apart from being easy to teach even for a parent with no prior teaching experience, it’s also quite fun both for kids and adults. Even after going through the first course several times, the jungle theater has become a “must” before bedtime for my daughter.

My baby boy is 3!! He has so much fun with the learning box set! Especially the one which is teaching about the transportation! Happy learning time!!

We ordered the school essential kits online and it arrived before Christmas with super fast delivery. The kit contains hand on learning materials including colour board, shape board, matching book and card sets comes with a digital pen. We are impressed with the thoroughness and high quality of the kit, my boy especially enjoys the colour and shape board, they are easy to grab and put together even for a younger kid. We also love the concept of the story books that tell some relevant issues that toddlers are experiencing, eg like separation problems and anxiety when they first go individual class, I think these books are great tool for addressing and working through parents and kids feelings. We would recommend this educational learning kit to you.

Alan really enjoy the essential kit and he can learn a lot from it!


我訂左learning time既教材,分別有First Step 同新出既The Story program。佢地會依照返小朋友既年齡每個月幾相關嘅教材俾你同佢係屋企玩!我自己覺得幾方便,唔洗怕唔知點同BB玩咩,而且每個月都有唔同主題,提返我小朋友到某個年齡應該要學咩。Learning Time 既教材除咗教到英文亦有好多其他元素,而且設計方面都真係幾靚!佢有個app比你睇片跟住學玩,好方便,係屋企都唔怕悶同學唔到野。我都推薦左好多朋友仔一齊用,真心推介😘

Nice learning kit

Nice learning set for kids. Focus on different topics every pack.

Love it!

I purchased 1 year subscription for my 12M son and I absolutely love it! Very high quality materials. I looked forward to receive it each month.

First step + The story

My baby love it very much!
I can receive toys that suit her every month.

Great learning materials

This is the 4th time that we have purchased learning materials from learning time. My son loves it very much

Great learning material & attitude

Every time a little friend receives a courier, he will be happy to open the new teaching materials and open the column as soon as possible to see how to carry out each teaching material. Every month, the children are treated with wonder. This is a very good learning cycle and a good learning attitude for the children!

Having great learning time with LT

We love Learning Time materials.
It really helps a lot on teaching my child and brings us plentiful ideas in our home schooling activities .
Thank you Learning Time for bringing us a lot of fun.

My daughter has just received her school essential kit a few days ago. She was so attracted by the colourful pictures, the flash cards with a rough side for tracing the letters and the matching puzzles! She couldn’t wait to start playing and learning the name of the shapes & colours fast!
The Smartpen was a great tool! My daughter loves listening to the stories with it, she is able to read in her own pace and choose the language she prefers! We use the kit every night as our quality time together!