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  • For every purchase, we will donate 2 books to
    "Save the Children Hong Kong"

Education is every child’s hope for a brighter future

This is the driving force behind why we chose to work with Save the Children Hong Kong. We have the opportunity to impact a child’s education, which can directly impact their future. That’s why, this Christmas, for every purchase made on our site, we will donate two books to Save the Children. Let’s make a difference, one book at a time.

Why are we donating books?

Even with that amount of textbook subsidies from the government, there are still many children that do not have access to high quality textbooks or storybooks. Books are the building blocks for children’s literacy skills and language development. They spark creativity and imagination - they inspire children to wonder. The books we are donating are directly from our Storytelling Kits, and were designed for 2+ year old children.


  • Purchase anything on our site and we will donate 2 books for you

  • Donate directly to
    Save the Children Hong Kong
    through the link below

  • Check out
    Save the Children Hong Kong’s site
    about children in need, and other ways to help

More ways to help the children in our community