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Welcome to our kit for months 14 to 16


If your child hasn’t already started walking, get your cameras ready! Typically, babies begin to stand and walk at around 12-16 months. Walking is not only an important gross motor skill, it also enables your child to be more independent and explore even further. 

What’s inside the Trek. Play. Learn. Kit? 

Ladybug Pulling Toy 

This wooden pulling toy encourages your child to practice walking while pulling, which is a great feat of coordination. The back of the ladybug also has a simple color-matching puzzle for additional fun. 

Little Bug Catcher 

Move the bugs around while your child uses their Velcro stick to catch the bugs. This interactive game is great for social play with others and hand-eye coordination practice. 

Hide and Seek Pyramid 

Your little one is going through a phase of hiding and finding things. Instead of hiding your car keys, they can practice with this carry-along soft pyramid. 

Nature Puzzle 

Your child will love discovering and exploring things in nature with the Magnifying Glass that comes with this item. They can also examine the little bugs under each leaf on the puzzle board.

Cammy the Chameleon Storybook 

With better comprehension skills, your child can now participate more during storytime. This storybook is great for your child to practice pointing to things on each page. 

Erica’s Adventure Storybook

Your child is beginning to understand that they are separate from other people. This fun storybook is a great introduction to understanding how things can be seen from different perspectives. 

Explore this kit for your 14-16 month old