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Welcome to our kit for months 12 to 14


Typically, this age is where parents see a lot of firsts - first words, first steps, first teeth and so on. There are a lot of exciting things happening and the items in this kit are designed to make the most of this time. 

What’s inside the Speak. Play. Learn. Kit? 

Matching Fruit Tree

This wooden toy combines hand-eye coordination skills and color matching skills. The fruit pieces can also be sorted into the Nesting Baskets for color sorting practice. 

Seed Box 

This Montessori-inspired toy encourages your child to practice wrist rotation and hand-eye coordination. There is also the added challenge of sorting the ‘seeds’ by sizes. 

Felt Nesting Baskets 

Stack them, nest them, and use them for color sorting with the Matching Fruit Tree. Your child will also enjoy putting things in and dumping things out of the baskets. 

Fruits Busy Book 

Explore different activities on each page of this busy book. The perfect tool to use in a ‘quiet corner’ or to take on the road. 

What Fruit? Textured Book

Explore different fruits and their various textures in this touch-and-feel book. Your child can also work on simple object and color recognition.

Rainbow Salad Book 

A fun and colorful introduction to counting. Follow Duo Duo as he dives into a rainbow to gather fruits for his rainbow salad. 

Explore this kit for your 12-14 month old