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Welcome to our kit for months 2 to 4


As your baby gets familiar with their new home and the people around them, they will begin to feel more comfortable playing. This kit will explore simple ways that you can play and bond with your baby at home. 

What’s inside the Smile. Play. Learn. Kit? 

Sensory Tummy Time Toy

If you haven’t already, now is the perfect time to start daily tummy time. This toy helps prop your baby’s chest up while they begin to strengthen their neck, core, and arm muscles. The additional pads each have a fun sensory element for your baby to interact with. 

Baby Bear Activity Blanket 

This soft blankie has a pocket and three colorful fish. You can hide the fish in the pocket and see if your baby can reach inside as an introduction to object permanence. The fish are also great for grasping and mouthing - something your baby will be doing a lot of. 

Animal Paws Rattle Set & Velcro Mittens 

This set of rattles pairs with the Velcro mittens to teach an important lesson in cause and effect. The special fabric on the rattles allow it to stick to the mittens - for your baby, this is just like magic! 

Animals Wooden Book 

This standing wooden book is a great tool to use during tummy time. It encourages your baby to hold their head up and keeps them engaged for longer. 

Ears Soft Book

This adorable fabric book is perfect for mouthing and exploring textures. Each page has a different animal with a set of crinkly ears for your child to grab. 

Rabbit Teether 

This fabric and wooden teether is the perfect size for your child to grasp. Made with sustainable wood, your child will enjoy holding and mouthing it in the coming months. 

For Parents Only Guides

This guide contains easy-to-follow activity guides and detailed developmental information about your 2 to 4 month baby. Try out these learning activities or play in your own way, and keep track of your baby’s milestones throughout their first years. 

Explore this kit for your 2-4 month old