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Welcome to our kit for months 8 to 10


At this age, your baby is a lot more mobile than before. They may be crawling, scooting, and even walking with assistance. More mobility means more independent exploration and experimentation. The materials in this kit are perfect for your busy baby. 

What’s inside the Move. Play. Learn. Kit? 

What’s in the Grass?

This set of plushies comes with a crinkly grass pocket. Your baby will be delighted by the sounds as they practice cognitive skills like object permanence and matching. This set is also great for engaging in pretend play. 

Spring Launcher 

A simple catapult toy to practice hand-eye coordination and teach your baby about cause-and-effect relationships - when they press the handle, the bee flies out! It’s also a great way to encourage crawling to retrieve the bee. 

Tugging Log 

At this age, your baby loves to pull things. This soft log has little bugs for your baby to pull on, and you can engage with them by pulling the other side (perfect for serve and return). 

My First Blocks 

These wooden blocks each have transparent acrylic windows and little balls inside, adding additional sensory play elements - the perfect first set of blocks for your baby. 

Spring is Here Interactive Book 

The illustrations in this book change as you flip the page! This engages young children and encourages them to try to flip pages on their own, practicing key fine-motor skills.

My First Baby Signs Book 

Research shows that introducing baby signs at an early age can improve language development later in life. This book contains commonly used baby signs that you can teach at home! 

For Parents Only Guides

This guide contains easy-to-follow activity guides and detailed developmental information about your 8 to 10 month baby. Try out these learning activities or play in your own way, and keep track of your baby’s milestones throughout their first year. 

Explore this kit for your 8-10 month old