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Welcome to our kit for months 10 to 12


This is the age where babies really become curious about the world around them, how things work, and cause and effect relationships. Now that your baby is likely crawling, standing, and walking, they can explore farther and with more confidence. 

What’s inside the Dream. Play. Learn. Kit? 

Robot Activity Board 

This wooden board is packed with activities to encourage exploration and fine motor practice. Your child will enjoy tinkering and experimenting with the different elements on the board. 

Rocket Shapes Set 

A soft toy that is perfect for exploring containment, shape sorting, and pretend play. Put the aliens in the rocket and blast off! The soft material also makes it safe and easy to clean.

Astronaut Peg Puzzle 

This toy was designed to teach your baby how to rotate their wrist and coordinate this action with their arm and fingers. They can also practice early color matching. 

Over and Under Interactive Book 

his book opens up to reveal stunning illustrations of different environments. Your baby will begin to understand what ‘over’ and ‘under’ looks like, while learning new vocabulary. 

I’m Turning 1! Storybook

This rhyming book talks about some common emotions that are associated with turning 1. Your baby can begin to understand what different emotions look like through the colorful illustrations, and build awareness of some of the words related to each emotion. 

For Parents Only Guides

This guide contains easy-to-follow activity guides and detailed developmental information about your 10 to 12 month baby. Try out these learning activities or play in your own way, and keep track of your baby’s milestones throughout their first years. 

Explore this kit for your 10-12 month old