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Welcome to our kit for months 22 to 24


Your child is officially entering their twos! This is an exciting time full of growth and learning, and we wanted to capture key skills in this kit. Your child is ready to learn about one-to-one correspondence, recognizing numbers, daily routines, pretend play, and more. They are probably also constantly learning new words and phrases. With all these new skills, your child will probably want to explore their independence, which they can do through play. 

What’s inside the Grow. Play. Learn. Kit? 

My Daily Routine Kit

The Daily Routine Kit has several pieces that your child can move around and arrange as they please. Your child can begin to use the clock to build an understanding of different times and when each action occurs. For example, the rabbit gets out of bed in the morning and eats lunch at noon. There are endless opportunities for pretend play using this kit. 

Cleaning Kit

Cleaning kit

Designed to be used with the Counting Chocolates set, this item is all about pretend play and developing fine motor skills. Your child will have to remove the chocolates from the wrappers, then use the tongs to throw the wrappers away. It's also teaching the valuable skill of cleaning! 

Counting Chocolates

Counting Chocolates

Counting toys are often quite boring, so we decided to make one that is inspired by chocolates! Your child can practice identifying numbers, counting, then starting all over again by pulling on the handle. A simple and fun way to begin counting. 

Baby Yoga Cards and Dice

Baby yoga cards

A PlayTool for the whole family! Roll the dice to see what poses you and your child can try. Baby yoga is great for developing coordination and strength. We also include some partner poses for you to try with your child. 

How Old are We? Counting Book 

Counting book

A fun, rhyming book about growing up from a child's perspective. Your child will enjoy the exaggerations, while also learning to recognize numbers. It's also a reminder to us parents about how quickly our children grow up! 

Explore this kit for your 22-24 month old