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Welcome to our kit for months 16 to 18


At this age, your child will be mixing a lot of pointing with their attempts at producing language. They will point to get your attention, respond to questions (such as 'where is the fish?'), or when they want to express themselves. It’s the perfect time to introduce pretend play to encourage self-expression and social-emotional development. 

What’s inside the Point. Play. Learn. Kit? 

Ocean Board 

This multipurpose PlayTool can be used for pretend play, fine-motor practice, and even cognitive practice. Your child can go fishing on an ocean backdrop, then match the sea creatures back to their real-life photos. All of this is stored perfectly in a colorful box. 

Whale Feeding Plush 

Engage in pretend play with this big whale and sailor Duo Duo. Sometimes, Whale gets hungry. Perhaps your child can help feed it? This whale is also a great ‘lovey’ for your child to build an attachment to. 

Wooden Scale 

Continuing with the ocean theme, this boat-shaped wooden stacker puts a twist on classic stacking toys. As your child stacks on one side, the boat tips over due to the weight. Your child will learn the basics of numeracy through trying to balance the scale. 

Fish Threader 

Threading presents a unique fine-motor and coordination challenge for your child. They will have to coordinate both hands to thread the beads onto the string. Once they finish, they will have made a colorful fish! 

Colorful Ocean Textured Book 

This ocean-themed book explores different sea creatures through textures. Your child will enjoy feeling the shark’s rough skin and the sea turtle’s leathery shell. What else can you find in the colorful ocean? 

Duo Duo’s Submarine Storybook 

Now that your child’s receptive language abilities are more advanced, they will be able to understand and follow simple instructions. This book provides fun and interactive instructions that lead to different scenarios- your child will surely have a blast reading this with you. 

Explore this kit for your 16-18 month old