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Welcome to our kit for months 20 to 22


At this age, your child is so close to beginning their formal academic journey. Many children go to pre-nursery or nursery class starting from 2, and it's also the time they begin learning early literacy and numeracy skills. This kit is a soft introduction to these skills (and of course, done through play). Your child will enjoy practice cognitive skills like sorting, sequencing, pretend play, counting and more, while continuing to build up their language and physical skills.

What’s inside the Think. Play. Learn. Kit? 

Tree Pot

tree pot

Our Tree Pot is actually related to one of the storybooks in this kit. Using this pot and other tools in this kit, your child can engage in counting, pretend play, color sorting, and more. A super versatile tool with many ways to play. 

Tulip Bouquet

tulip bouquet

Who doesn't love receiving flowers? Your child can plant the tulips in the tree pot, match them to the right colors, then pick them and gift them to a loved one. 

Mushroom Peg Board

mushroom peg board

This is one of our favorite PlayTools. It's inspired by a classic peg board, but when your child knocks it over, it's designed so that it won't topple. This not only saves time, it also decreases frustration and allows for your child to focus on practicing important skills like stacking and one-to-one correspondence. 

Garden Starter Kit 

Garden starter kit

This set contains 'seeds' and a watering can that are meant to be used with the Tulip Bouquet and Tree Pot. If you want to go one step further, you can teach your child the sequence in which plants grow. This is an advanced step in cognitive development and pretend play. 

Farm Play Kit

farm play kit

This portable kit contains farm animals and a backdrop to encourage pretend play. There are also elements of color matching, and many opportunities to teach animal names, sounds, and more. 

My Visual Alphabet Book

This fun book is a soft introduction to the English alphabet. It doesn't contain any words, just colorful illustrations that look like each letter. You can introduce your child to this book by asking them what the illustration is and what the letter is. 

Little Tree Storybook

little tree storybook

This book is about a little tree that realizes the importance of being grateful and humble. Although these may be complicated concepts to explain, your child begin to learn them through reading the book with you. The tree and tulips in the book are also the same as the ones in this kit. 

Explore this kit for your 20-22 month old