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Welcome to our 4 to 6 months kit


Now that your baby can confidently do tummy time, they will be doing a lot more reaching, grasping, and mouthing as they learn about the world around them. In this kit, we provide materials and toys with many opportunities for sensory play and discovery. 

What’s inside the Sense. Play. Learn. Kit? 

Discovery Box 

Made from sustainable wood, this box has a transparent acrylic lid for your baby to experiment with opening and closing. The inside of the box has a baby-safe mirror so when they look in, they see their face looking back. The wooden shapes can be used for shape sorting or simply for packing and dumping.

Soft Ball

This colorful cotton ball is a tad oversized so that your baby can practice holding it with two hands. They will love dropping, rolling, and eventually throwing and kicking the ball. 

Magic Tissue Box 

This mysterious box allows your baby to endlessly pull tissues out (without wasting real tissues). Your baby can practice their grasping and pulling skills while learning important lessons in cause and effect. 

Interactive Soft Book 

This soft book has 6 sides full of simple activities for your baby to explore. Everything is soft and safe for your baby to mouth, which they will be doing a lot of. 

Duo Duo and Tian Tian Puppets 

Modelled after our mascots, these puppets are safe for mouthing and are a great introduction to social play. You can use the puppets as stand-ins for real people, which your baby will love. 

Hello! Board Book 

This board book features people from around the world and the different ways of saying ‘hello’. Your baby loves faces and will certainly enjoy looking at their own face in the mirror on the last page. 

For Parents Only Guides

This guide contains easy-to-follow activity guides and detailed developmental information about your 4 to 6 month baby. Try out these learning activities or play in your own way, and keep track of your baby’s milestones throughout their first years. 

Explore this kit for your 4-6 month old