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The School Essentials Kit: Created with Tutor Time Hong Kong’s Nursery Program


In today’s world, it’s not uncommon to see children begin unaccompanied schooling by 2 years old. Traditionally, schools have relied solely on teacher instruction to teach children their early literacy skills, numeracy skills, and school readiness skills. It wasn’t until the beginning of the pandemic that everyone began to see the need for additional support outside the classroom. 

The Conception of the Kit

Tutor Time had approached us in early 2019 to plan a kit that was customized to their Nursery curriculum to support children outside of school. At this age, we know that children need as much exposure to language as possible, especially those planning on future bilingual education. While Tutor Time can control what goes on in their classrooms, it’s much harder to ensure children get the exposure they need outside of the classroom. 

The School Essentials Kit 

Designed to follow the Nursery program curriculum at Tutor Time, this kit covers all the things children need before they begin Kindergarten. While the SmartPen, textured flashcards, and storybooks are attractive for kids, the power of this kit lies in the detailed guides. Each guide contains activities, concepts, and methods used by top-tier teachers to engage children in play-based learning. Through the activities and materials, children can continue to learn even as they play at home. 

What can you expect from using this kit? 

Throughout our testing, we have consistently found that children who use our kits show improved language development in both English and Mandarin. Tutor Time’s teacher observations support these findings, and even suggest that children develop better school readiness skills like better attention skills, communication, and teamwork in class. 

What does the kit include? 


Recorded by Tutor Time’s native language teachers, this pen helps your child read independently in both English and Mandarin. A major emphasis is placed on the accuracy of pronunciation, tone, and intonation when speaking since your child will be imitating what they hear. 

Interactive Storybooks 

This set of storybooks was written and illustrated by both Tutor Time and Learning Time for the purpose of this kit.  Each book carefully outlines an important aspect of your child’s experiences at this age, and is compatible with the SmartPen: 

  1. 1. Separation anxiety and beginning unaccompanied schooling in an unfamiliar environment
  2. 2. Dealing with big emotions (like losing a favorite toy) and problem-solving with the help of others 
  3. 3. The importance of traditions, festivals, holidays, and celebrating these occasions as a family 

Textured Flashcards 

Don’t write flashcards off just yet. While traditional flashcards are certainly less than interesting for young children, we’ve added textures and made them interactive with the SmartPen. Additionally, we suggest plenty of creative ways to use the flashcards besides just memorizing and reciting. This set includes: 

  1. 1. English Alphabet Cards (A to Z)
  2. 2. Chinese Character Cards (20 characters)
  3. 3. Number Cards (1 to 20)

Shape and Color Board 

Children learn to recognize shapes and colors at this age. By combining traditional puzzles with innovative fine-motor practice boards, we’ve created two items that can help your child learn shapes and colors outside of school. Of course, you’ll also find activities and ways to use these items in our guides. 

Matching Puzzle Books 

In Tutor Time’s curriculum, children cover five main themes throughout the year. These topics are reflected in our puzzle books. 

  1. 1. Transportation
  2. 2. Occupations 
  3. 3. Fruits and vegetables
  4. 4. Seasons
  5. 5. Animals 

Each book has removable pieces to play additional learning games with. They are also compatible with the SmartPen. 

Duo Duo Learning Buddy 

At this age, children often develop an attachment to certain toys and objects. This is known as a ‘transitional object’. Transitional objects help children anchor their feelings during transitions such as going to school alone, meeting new friends and so on. This can also help with separation anxiety and meltdowns in school. 

Comprehensive Developmental Guide

Apart from the detailed Activity Guides, this developmental guide was written and researched by Tutor Time’s head of curriculum development, along with pediatricians and Learning Time’s developmental experts. This guide contains all you need to know about your child’s development from the ages 2 to 3. 

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