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#LTStory - My son concentrates longer using the kit than when he watches youtube!


This month's #LTstory is featuring Jacky Lam and his son who have been using our School Essentials Kit since May 2021. 

Tell us about a memorable moment during your child's learning journey

My son is the typical kind of baby that does not want to sit down and is always running around. He's only 23 months old so it's expected that his attention span is quite short. He even gets bored watching Youtube after 10 or 15 minutes. I've been having trouble finding things to keep his attention and I always feel a little guilty letting him watch too much Youtube. 

However, when he received the kit, he was immediately intrigued. He especially liked the smartpen, 3D puzzle books and Alphabet cards. He has only been using it for a week and I am amazed at how quickly he can pick up the names of objects mentioned in the books. He uses the reading pen and likes to repeat the words that he hears. Yes, he still mixes up 'lion' and 'tiger' but I am already very happy to see his progress!

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